Royal Academy of Music cello faculty member Josephine Knight performing the premiere recording of the recently-discovered original edition of Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A Minor.

“I was practicing for a concert tour and became suspicious as all the editions I had available were hugely cluttered with markings and bowings and not one edition corresponded … you get a feel for when bowings are added and are not original, but I was not expecting that when I saw the original autographed manuscript in Krakow, that there were in fact hundreds, if not thousands of differences – including a final section which is completely different material …” Josephine has told The Violin Channel.

“The work was written in 1850 and in two weeks … Schumann was in good health and mentally stable when he composed this work but it was not until 1854 that Schumann’s illness took hold and this was the year that when the piece was first published … the changes which were introduced were significant and diluted the very essence of Schumann’s conception of the work … ” she has said.

“Throughout my research I discovered that Schumann initially envisaged the work as a Concertstück not a Concerto, and for me, knowing that this piece takes on a lighter and happier character … and when you eliminate the overuse of accents and chopped phrasing, the piece actually becomes beautifully lyrical …”

“I hope that my recording will bring something new and fresh to this well loved work … my main objective is to deliver the first recording which represents Schumann’s initial concept and thoughts, not his last.”

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