It has been announced this week that German-American violin virtuoso, VC Artist Augustin Hadelich has been granted the extended long-term use of the 1744 ‘Leduc/Szerying’ Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin – on generous loan from the Tarisio Trust.

Previously played by legendary Polish-Mexican violin soloist Henryk Szeryng, the violin has not been played since 1988.

“We at Tarisio couldn’t be happier to enable audiences all over the world the chance to hear one of the greatest violins ever made in the hands of an exceptional musician such as Augustin,” Tarisio Director, Carlos Tome has this week said.

“The sound of this violin has a richness and complexity that I have rarely heard in any instrument …” Augustin has this week said.

“For the past nine years, I was fortunate to perform on a beautiful 1723 ‘Ex-Kiesewetter‘ Stradivari violin … I find that Stradivari and ’del Gesù’ had very different aesthetics, with Stradivari aiming for a refined, brighter sound and del Gesù favouring a darker, passionate sound colour,” the 35-year-old violin soloist has said.

Previous Tarisio Trust recipients include violinists Miki-Sophia Cloud and Eric Silberger